We aren't just experts at improvisation...

 we're experts at its application in business.

FA at Work is the business training division of the UK's First American style Improvisation theatre and school, The Free Association.  The Free Association's training team provides an unprecedented 2000 + hours of improv training a year across the UK and Amsterdam. We aren't a visiting theatre company providing exercises in 'forum theatre' or 'role play'. We are the best, and most experienced improv trainers in the UK, providing a new and exciting element to your learning and development programme.

Improvisation training in business is a relatively new phenomenon in the UK, but a tried, tested and celebrated method overseas. The Free Association have set the bar high here in the UK bringing your business the most experienced and talented training staff that Europe has to offer.




When a member of Free Association enters the stage with their team, they start with nothing but the knowledge that everybody else has their back. Safe in this knowledge, they work together to create the most wonderful and hilarious shows that amaze audiences. How? By being masters of a certain set of skills...

Communication, Listening, Flexibility, innovation, Embracing the unknown, taking risks, Empathy, Confidence and above all else - great Team Work.

These skills are essential in every business, big or small - At FA at work, we create and deliver unique workshops that help to develop the skills in yours.

Each training session is tailored to your company needs and delivered by the best in the business. You decide the outcome and we’ll use improv to get everyone there. We can create a bespoke syllabus, consulting you along the way - this means our workshops will be specific to both your company goal and the attendee’s personalities.



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