bespoke training programmes

Truly Unique

In Content and Delivery

Each Free Association workshop is tailored to your company needs, and delivered by the best in the business. You decide the outcome and we’ll use improv to get everyone there. We will create a bespoke syllabus, consulting you along the way - this means our workshops will be specific to both goals, and team personalities.

Whichever workshop we create, the team will build skills to benefit your business, all while having the most fun you can imagine. Here are some of our previous offerings...




Our workshops are not just about solving problems or skill deficits, but we can also reinforce and develop the skills you already possess. For example - Take sales pitches up a notch by increasing flexibility and ability to deal with unknown entities.

How does it work?

1) We will come in and meet with you to discuss your needs. Some find it helpful to send us data from a recent needs analysis prior to this meeting so we can see where we can help.

2) We will work with you to boil down to the fundamental problems we can identify that improv can help with, and leave the rest to someone else. We won't promise that improv is a 'fix-all' training, and are very clear about what we can and can't help with. What we do, we do well!

3) We will propose a series of workshops to tackle the needs of the individual, team or company problem.

4) Once we're ready to go, we will write the syllabus(es). We will do this with some back and forth between us. You know your business and the attendees - we know the improv.

5) Once the syllabus is created, we are able to roll this bespoke workshop out as many times as you like. Each workshop is approached slightly differently, based on a briefing document that we complete before approaching each individual session. This will give us an insight into the attendees and their roles within the company.


Working with the Free Association was a dream from start to finish. They made the entire process incredibly easy, weren’t fazed by our ridiculous deadlines and the end result is something we can all be proud of.
— Head Of Marketing, Harper Collins Publishers