Communication and Listening... And how to be better at both.

Programme: Single Workshop

Length: 2-2.5hrs

Capacity: 14

This Workshop works for both Intact teams, and a collection of individuals from across the company.

At The Free Association, we are experts at excelling in pressure situations. We rely on our training, a strong set of principles and, most importantly, each other. The importance of being able to communicate ideas and have those ideas heard and understood by your partner is never more heightened than when under pressure.

After years of fortifying these good habits, we thought we’d share them with you. This is not your typical workshop! There’s no PowerPoint presentation and nobody gets to sit down. We will clear the desks and get bums out of seats. The Free Association training is active and engages the whole group. Our experienced trainer will run through a series of practical exercises that will highlight the fundamental principles of communication, and highlight where many people might go wrong.

In the professional world, communication is key to success. At The Free Association, we believe that effective communication works in tandem with strong commitment to listening. This communication workshop uses simple and fun exercises to break down old habits and improve basic communication in individuals and teams.

this workshop will...

work on establishing efficiency of communications, focus on accuracy, listening, quick-thinking, organising information, and dealing with the unexpected...

...all the while maintaining awareness and empathy of the client or colleague’s needs.

How much you can achieve by letting go of control and being open to ideas of others. The result is immense!
— International Head, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

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