ENCOURAGE RISK by embracing failure

Don’t waste failures

They can be a springboard to success

Programme: Single Workshop / Multi-Workshop Programme

Workshop Length: 2-2.5hr

Capacity: 14

One of 2018's most popular workshops!

There's an old adage we use at The Free Association: "What's not said, isn't known". It means when you miss a chance to speak up, you make it harder for everyone. But at the workplace, the opposite sometimes feels true: Speaking up means you might get it wrong - which affects your willingness to take a risk in the first place. We all know that great ideas elevate an entire company - so why are we keeping it to ourselves?

At The Free Association, we believe taking risks is easy when you know you've got the support of colleagues that are honest, engaged and empathetic. This workshop uses simple FA principles and exercises to break down old habits and improve your ability to support decisions, develop ideas together and take risks.

This Workshop Will...

1) Foster an environment of support and agreement, to encourage team members to make offers.

3) Teach how to face failure, head on, and use your partner’s support to move through it, effectively.

Exercises will focus on encouraging support for the team’s decisions - working together as partners, as a group, and, at the end of the workshop, working individually, in front of an audience. After highlighting common mistakes made, and showing practical changes that can be made in attitude and approach, a series of ‘penny drop’ moments will develop and compound into the final take-away message of the workshop.

Participants will learn that the only way to learn to take risks is to first combat the fear of failure. The consequences of failure are minimised when there is support from your partners and teammates. When the consequences of failure are minimised, it is easier to take risks. When you take risks, you can develop and move forward. “What is said, is known.”


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I challenge my team to get up and think more on their toes. We are so locked in with documents and predictable rituals, we need to challenge predictability and be explorers.
— Team Leader - Amazon UK