Team Building Workshop

A Supportive Environment Leads to Trust.

Trust is the foundation of great teamwork.

Programme: Single Workshop
Workshop Length: 2-2.5hr
Capacity: 14

Great for creatives and pitch teams!


Innovation is coming up with new ideas and new solutions to problems. It requires an ability to think in new ways about things you see everyday. And more than that, it requires a willingness to do so – a willingness to listen actively to what your teammates are saying and doing – to use their ideas as well as yours to solve a problem or come up with a new vision.

Participants learn to find patterns in their thought and in group thought, and see how their ideas can inspire others. They learn that there are times to follow the group pattern and there are times to make jumps of inspiration!

We will encourage participants to make new choices, to test out ideas that were not the first or second ideas they thought of. While it is important in improvisation to be willing to say yes to every idea on the table – even the first idea – to be innovative, one has to be able to come up with several ways of reacting to the same thing or solving the same problem.

This workshop will...

work on active listening – really seeing and hearing what your teammates and colleagues are trying to communicate. On seeing everyday objects in new ways – and using that new point of view to come up with new ideas.

The next time you’re faced with a new situation or problem, you’ll be able to see it in a new way, and think about it in a new way. You’ll be open to new points of view and you’ll be able to follow creative, new paths of thought to an innovative solution.


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I absolutely loved the course! Every moment was enjoyable and meaningful. It taught me new ways to create a positive working environment that have really stuck!