Leadership Programme

there are Different pathways to sucCess.

let’s make yours.

Programme: 3 / 5 or 8 Session Programme

Workshop Length: 3 / 5 or 8 x 2-2.5hr

Capacity: 14

 The Free Association would work with you to produce a bespoke series of workshops that would provide something more challenging and robust than a single 2.5hr session. This multi session programme is perfect for leadership development, high-potential staff, or management / executive level and high-flyers within your company. We can bring attendees together people from across different teams, as the takeaways will be personal.

Through discussion with the training lead at your company and our Head Trainer at The Free Association, we would produce a bespoke syllabus that is specifically relevant to the team's work. The final training syllabus will be one that is referential and knowledgeable of the existing training programmes within the company, their personal needs, and your specific requirements for them.

We would create a bespoke programme of 3, 5 or 8 x 2.5hr sessions that would take a single team (of up to 14 participants) through in-depth training in the key skills that are required in their particular area of work. These might include...

Communication, Listening, Presentation, Adaptability, Mental Agility, Flexibility and Embracing the Unknown

The longer courses could culminate in a live performance to solidify the lessons, stretch the attendees even further out of their comfort zones, bring focus to the required presentation and performance skills and ultimately reinforce the importance of supportive teamwork in delivery and high-pressure situations.

Please note: Once the syllabus is constructed, this programme could be delivered to future participants of the programme, at a reduce ‘delivery only’ cost.

We have worked with 3 of the largest financial organisations in the world as part of their Female Leadership Programmes.

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