Team Building Workshop

A Supportive Environment Leads to Trust.

Trust is the foundation of great teamwork.

Programme: Single Workshop
Workshop Length: 2-2.5hr
Capacity: 14

This workshop works best with intact teams, or a number of smaller teams who work closely together.


At The Free Association, we are experts at building strong and supportive teams. The importance of being able to communicate ideas and have those ideas heard, understood and built upon by your team is never more heightened than when under pressure. The Free Association trained  teams are a special and unique product - they are vibrant in their choices and are able to adapt quickly to change.  After years of fortifying these good habits, we thought we’d share them with you.

This is not your typical workshop! There’s no PowerPoint presentation and nobody gets to sit down. We will clear the desks and get bums out of seats. The Free Association training is active and engages the whole group. Our experienced trainer will run through a series of practical exercises that will highlight the fundamental principles of team building and communication, and highlight where many people might be inadvertently be going wrong.

In the professional world, teamwork is the foundation for innovation.  People will be more comfortable taking risks, communicating ideas and accepting offers knowing that they have a strong and supportive team behind them.  

This workshop will...

Use simple and fun exercises to break down old habits and improve basic communication, listening, support and empathy - all whilst breaking down any barriers within the group by fostering a hilarious learning environment.

We will have touched upon making yourself present and acknowledging your partner. Highlighting the advantages of positivity, group listening and quick agreement along with the dangers of rejection. These techniques lead to a supportive environment at work and a supportive environment leads to trust, and with trust, you’ve reinforced a great team.


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I absolutely loved the course! Every moment was enjoyable and meaningful. It taught me new ways to create a positive working environment that have really stuck!